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This is a cool little Sci-Fi/Thriller short I worked on for the 48Hour Film Project, 2014. Very trippy. As always, Curt Stewart and the Emerging Media Productions team is wonderful to work with and made this a very fun project. The music and sound effects here are mine, but I can’t take credit for much else on this one. I hope you enjoy it.


This is one of my favorite film projects, and one of my proudest accomplishments. I stayed awake for over 80 consecutive hours to finish this film score. I also helped write and shoot the film, and played the lead villain. That’s me at the end, getting shot in the face. We won half a dozen awards for this one, including Fan Favorite and Best Cinematography. I’ll never forget the delirium I experienced driving home to Nashville after that three day haul, hallucinating the whole way home. I’m honestly lucky to be alive.


This was my first foray into sound and music for short films, along with my longtime friend and co-producer, Daniel Apple. We took home two awards for this one: Best Original Music and Best Sound Design. One of the proudest moments of my life. Awesome performances from some of my friends here, and as always, Curt Stewart is a beast behind the camera. When it comes right down to it, there are still few things scarier than a truly creepy old house.


About five years ago now, back in 2010, I started working with this cool cat named Danny Apple. “Big Deezy,” I still like to call him. Together we made history. Over 1,000 tracks, many more thousands of hours, two EPs and a full studio album later, we had birthed from our unholy loins this torched and mutilated love-child of Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor we called Cryxus. This song, “Save Some,” was the first single on our debut album, Rise, which released Halloween of 2012 and never went anywhere but underground.

You can download it here, for FREE.

I’m always looking for my next creative project. If you’ve got an idea––a film, game, story, TV show, miniseries, documentary, performance piece or western musical––and you’d like me to be a part of it, give me a shout. I just may drop what I’m doing and come crash on your couch so we can make something awesome together.

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