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It’s such an odd thing
To be followed,
To worry
What someone else thinks
And to know that
Someone, somewhere
Is always watching
Even when
You just want
To be alone
With your thoughts

But a follower is
A delicate creature,
And fleeting
As a black swan
Floating on a pond
Don’t look
And you’ll never find one;
Don’t look away
Or they’ll  d






5 comments on “Swan

  1. Thank you! So relevant to me

  2. This is beautiful <3
    Thank you for visiting 🙂

  3. Very beautiful! And thank you for drifting to my page too 🙂

  4. petitejuin3 says:

    This poem is amazing, your truly talented. I like what you did with the structure, how it actually drifts on the word drift, very clever. I tip my hat off to you sir.

  5. I really like this. It reads a beautiful way to touch on the love hate relationship between art and recognition. Even if you’re not an artist there’s that instinctual need in us for validation that can only come outwardly. Oh boy, what a tight rope to walk. Great poem.

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