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Why is it, looking at the stars
Makes you reach for a hand to hold?

I think it’s that feeling you get,
That riptide pull at your bones,

Like if you don’t find something,
Someone, to hold onto,

You might float away
In a sequined ocean,

Never to be seen again,
Carefree and quite happy

To be so
perfectly lost.

15 thoughts on “Riptide Leave a comment

  1. Stars spill like glitter from an open palm………………

    Love your “sequinned ocean.”

    Sleeping out under a star filled sky has sometimes started out by making me feel very tiny and totally alone, then suddenly I seem to lose my boundary skin and am one with everything, the world, all the universes, and God, whatever God is.

    I really really liked your poem.

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  2. Back in Haïti, we could see the stars shining through our backyard. I use to love sleeping on the balcony just to feel the comfort from the stars. Yes, there is something so magical about the stars. I love your post. So beautifully written. Thanks for sharing it with us, and liking my post as well.

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