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Goss Keracey

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Goss Keracey is an American poet,
essayist, and writer currently
residing in Lexington, KY.

He writes about love, life,
relationships, learning, philosophy,
and living with depression.

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Out where the corn grows tall,
The deer play hide and seek,

And mosquitos swarm like street gangs
Ready to pounce and pummel
Unsuspecting sweet-blooded fools.

In the fall, even dusk procrastinates,
Leaving faint traces of daylight’s promise,

To coax the evening crowds: come alive,
See what longing might find you.

Stars swing dance to their own tune,
A song we wouldn’t understand
Even if we could hear it.

The night chill brings bumps on the neck,
As the leaves take their reds,

But morning comes with quiet fury,
A blinding wetness in the air,
And a deceptive warmth that says,

“Maybe this winter won’t be so bad.”
But the farmers, they know better.

They’ve studied The Old Almanac,
And they’re already stockpiling cans,
Generators, bottled water, and matches.

Winter is right around the corner,
Down to a few lunar cycles and counting,

And when the first snow hits,
To topple wires and fog windows,
They’ll be ready.

The city-folk, they’ll cry on for weeks,
Salty sobs that echo over shoveled walks,

But from the farmers, expect no bellyaching:
They’ve had their harvest, and now comes
The part where Mother Nature breathes,

And for a few long months,
There’ll be no shortage of beans and hotdogs.

Until Spring draws green back to the fields,
And the deer come out to start their games,
And once more, there’s work to be done.

6 comments on “Seasons

  1. Love that picture! Such vivid colors!

  2. Susan Langer says:

    Loved it. So descriptive. I especially liked the lines…
    “Stars swing dance to their own tune,
    A song we wouldn’t understand
    Even if we could hear it.”

  3. nimi naren says:

    Loved it…especially the line about the mosquito street gang.

  4. afairymind says:

    This is wonderful. 🙂 I particularly like ‘In the fall, even dusk procrastinates,
    Leaving faint traces of daylight’s promise’.

  5. kreemer says:

    Wonderful. So much colour in the words and phrases….

  6. Eileen says:

    Where the corn grows tall and the deer play hide and seek…… yes, they do.

    This is wonderful. Took me back to our hundred acre wood I loved so much for twenty-seven years.
    The winter ice storms without power and water and a woodburning stove for heat were a challenge, but still, those were the best years of my life.

    You capture it beautifully, the good and the challenge and the beauty of it.

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