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A Letter To The Lost

I just want you
to know that

I love you.



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  1. Fortunately I’m not in a very dark place and I’m surrounded by loved ones. I have a career I love and thrive in by counseling children and families. I’ve struggled with depression since I was very young and ptsd as well. I’ve been able to take my mess and create a message. It’s just sometimes the ghost as you’ve so aptly named it lurks closer and heavier. I’m fully functional and feel happiness but struggle with the depression as well. It’s a very odd combination and often leaves me feeling mostly numb. If any of that made sense. Lol

    • It makes perfect sense. Every day is a different struggle. All we can do is look forward and keep fighting. I’m happy for you that you’re surrounded by love and feel fulfilled in your job. I know firsthand how that can make things even harder sometimes; it’s tough to see so much happiness around you and feel numb inside. That’s what the StoryLove community is all about. Sharing stories on hard days to show others they’re not alone.

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