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Gather round the fire, kids. It’s time for a story.

DECIMALuna Cartel

The gods have started a drug cartel. In a futuristic neo-noir New York, ancient gods and goddesses vie for power and influence as they attempt to mainstream Nectar, the divine substance that, to humans, acts as a powerful hallucinogenic drug with otherworldly side effects. Read Chapter One now!

Jaguar, Liarayahuasca

A short flash fiction horror story about a young couple on a shamanic journey in the heart of the Peruvian Rainforest.

Word Count: 996

DRIP | Chapter OneDRIP 2

This is the first chapter of my forthcoming novel about a depressed twenty-something writer who sustains a neurological injury in a drive-by shooting and, upon waking from a coma, learns that he has the ability to change reality just by writing about it. Or… is it just the acid?

The Heist Diary of diary
December Page

While working as a “word collector,” December Page decides she is going to steal an ancient banned document and put the words into her secret diary.

[Read Part One]

4 thoughts on “Fiction Leave a comment

  1. Hi JT,
    What a beautiful website you have here. And your poetry is really lovely. Thank you for somehow discovering my blog, and liking a post. It makes my heart sing.

    I am in awe of all the talent you have on display. Wow! Keep at it. Yes one day you are going to be the creator and master of lots of things. Lots and lots of things. God Bless! Thanks and have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey J.T.,

    I’m getting a late start in life with the whole “finding myself” and social media scene, so your like and follow are greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed your WordPress site, and love the depth you’ve discovered in your music, writing and poetry. Your Father’s Day sentiments were fun and heartwarming. lt has been a day of remembrance for me as my father died when I was 20 and I never got to know him as an adult, and he never knew my kids, all of whom he would have loved. He was the Sci-Fi spark in my childhood, and left me an artistic and nature-loving legacy as well. Best wishes to you in all you do. Keep up the great work!
    -Kim Kendall

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