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Darkness is swelling, looming,
casting shadows over me,
as a stone on the shore
is overcome by open sea,
I sit, weathering storms;
like the stone – patiently
I am waiting, to brook the
deadly crashing waves,
endure the abrading
of endless tides;
withered and worn,
and grateful,
that somehow
I still abide.

Withered & Worn, originally published in The Aviator Magazine, June 25, 2014.

4 comments on “Withered & Worn

  1. skat says:

    I like all the strong “d” sounds in this; I can feel the pound of the surf. Nice!

  2. J.T. , very deep piece of poetry in all its simplicity and conciseness. Multifaceted aspects keep popping up with each reading, but the constant rhythm of life and its cycles are marvelously interwoven in the ubiquitous and solid presence of a resilient Self that cuts a figure that reveals itself as organically integrated as the natural elements sculpting time. I also agree with Skat as far as the sounds bring so much presence. She mentions the aggressive force in which the “d’s” chisel the new forms. I also appreciate the sound of the “S” and its fluidity and how it brings to mind the images of water and the winds of change. Thank you for sharing these images and leave the open concept of the poetry you created. Blessings! 🙂

  3. truthman30 says:

    Writing is very cathartic, particularly for depression sufferers (or those of a melancholic disposition), I like your poems 🙂

  4. truthman30 says:

    And yes very much relate to ‘withered and worn’ also 🙂

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