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Goss Keracey

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Goss Keracey is an American poet,
essayist, and writer currently
residing in Lexington, KY.

He writes about love, life,
relationships, learning, philosophy,
and living with depression.

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I fell asleep on a stuffed leather box,
And woke a moment later in a bar downtown
Guzzling saltwater from the tap.
The barkeep asked what the hell I was doing,
So I told him, “Cleaning my wounds.”
Sure enough, all my teeth were gone
No telling where, though.
My tongue tripped in hole after hole,
Worried more about whistling
Than wedding photos.
I just had to get away from it all,
So I hopped on the first ferry to the new world.
After months of bitter cold, shaking, up-down
Rocking and bad jokes about seamen,
I stepped ashore, washed my feet in loam
Thick as set bacon grease
And I told myself right then and there,
This would be the start of something great.
I grabbed a spoon and a compass,
Pointed my face to the first mountain I saw
And set off to find out
If clouds tasted how I always imagined,
Or even like anything in particular.
It wasn’t long at all before I was digging
My way to the summit, and just as the sun
Broke open, sizzling and smelling sweet,
I woke to my wife standing over me,
Holding a spatula, saying,
“Scrambled, or sunny side up?”

5 comments on “Sunny Side Up

  1. skat says:

    I calls ’em the way I sees ’em.😉🐾😸

  2. Rose Red says:

    Aww, look what you did. You put egg on Mona Lisa’s face.

    I liked this poem, very clever. Woke me up 🙂

    1. Rose Red says:


      Isn’t it great when you have tooth dreams and wake up and they are still there?

      1. ClareSnow says:

        scrambled eggs dont need teeth. btw my 6th grade teacher told me NEVER END A STORY: AND THEN I WOKE UP. what did he know??

  3. chevvy8 says:

    Thank you for visiting my page today. I read two of your poems and how refreshing they were. I’ll be back for sure. Best. Chevvy.

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