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Goss Keracey

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Goss Keracey is an American poet,
essayist, and writer currently
residing in Lexington, KY.

He writes about love, life,
relationships, learning, philosophy,
and living with depression.

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I keep my sugar airtight
In a stainless steel canister,

To keep it from going bad,
But it’s useless, I’m afraid.

No matter how isolated it is,
The world outside is going bad

All around it. It won’t be long
Before the cylinder buckles

And lets in a hint of corruption,
Some taste, a foul flavor,

And then I’ll have to switch
To drinking my coffee straight black.

Indeed, that shall truly be
A day of mourning.

7 comments on “Colombian Black

  1. Chrissy says:


  2. Can always add a little cream! 🙂

  3. Rose Red says:

    This is really good

  4. Ms. Saz says:

    Powerful ending

  5. True, true. But once you go black… <3
    Heck! Enjoy sugar while you are young. 😉

  6. Avinno says:

    Witty indeed!

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